Help Improvements Implement Themselves

Making a Change That Will Last Without Ruining the Organization or Your Career

The Collaborative Improvement Masterclass ... well, collaborates with you! ... to make improvements using methods that have succeeded in dozens of organizations, large and small. You will get people from different business units working together to make self-guided improvements in the organization's performance.

This program is for: Executives, leaders and managers who want to introduce changes to improve their organization's performance without creating more disruption than the changes are worth

This program is not for those who:

  • Are in an organization where leaders order things to be done and it really does happen just as expected.
  • Want a magic solution that will achieve major change without any work or thinking
  • Need to transform their organization within the next 45-60 days. In this course, by the end of 60 days you will see the ship starting to move in the right direction, but any significant and lasting change will take months longer to be embedded deeply enough that it becomes business-as-usual for everyone.

The Path to Collaboration

Course Overview

In this program you will get access to:

  • 8 x Live interactive sessions to define your most valuable outcomes, assess the organization's situation, locate likely avenues to approach improvement efforts, and devise targeted collaborative activities that end up achieving the outcomes you were hoping for.  (Includes access to the recording of the live sessions in case you missed any)
  • Lifetime access to all session recordings, online training materials and templates, including updated and added materials, so you can revisit them as and when needed to support additional improvement efforts in the future
  • Lifetime access to the private support group of fellow Improvement Catalysts to share experiences and give you feedback on particular situations

Is This What You are Facing?

  • Do you want to introduce meaningful improvements in your organization, while overcoming the likely initial resistance without creating resentment?
  • Would you like to get your peer managers to demand that things should change in the way you had wanted all along?
  • Do the people in your organization continue to accept chaos and failed deliveries as the norm, and think they are too busy to adopt the common management practices that would fix the situation?


By the end of this program you will:

  • Develop a crisp communication as to how your desired change is what your peer managers really want -- or learn how to adapt it until it really is
  • Identify and start neutralizing many of the reactionaries who may undermine your initiative
  • Initiate a set of specific collaborative activities that solve real problems for your peer managers while achieving your intended change
  • Demonstrate measurable progress towards a real objective via your first collaborative activity


  • 1

    Foundation for Making a Change

    • When You Have Strategic Support

    • Going It Alone

    • Module Exercise

  • 2

    Meet the Resistance

    • Why Organizations Don't Change

    • Why People Resist Change

    • How to Avoid or Defuse the Resistance

    • Exercise: Identify the Resistance Cells

  • 3

    Marking the Mountain

    • What Were You Thinking?

    • What's In It For You

    • Exercise: WIIFM

  • 4

    Where They Sit is Where They Stand

    • Organizational Culture

    • Role-Based Concerns

    • Real-World Issues

    • Exercise: Stakeholder Assessment

  • 5

    Meet the Simmer System

    • Principles

    • Data Sources

    • Collaborative Agreements

    • Exercise: Collaboration Target List

  • 6

    The Secret Plan

    • Why Secret?

    • Leveraging Top-Down Needs

    • Communications Planning the Right Way

    • Exercise: Information Advantage

  • 7

    You're Not Alone

    • No Safe Place at Home

    • Accountability Partners

    • Use Your Community

  • 8

    Journey's End: Progress Assessment

    • Show-and-Tell Time

About Your Instructor

Improvement Catalyst

Douglas Brown

Dr. Douglas M. Brown ( conducts intense workshops to help organizations kick the culture of just accepting failure and confusion.  His first book, "Let It Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Stick in a Skeptical Organization", addresses creating change without imploding the organization and laid out the Simmer SystemSM, which integrates his other publications [you'll get an e-copy as part of your course; this link is to a printed copy] . In 20+ years managing and consulting, he has saved millions of dollars bringing programs under control and hundreds of millions through new program concepts. He has been a speaker at numerous PMI venues, ProjectWorld, and PM Summit. Residents of Alexandria, Virginia, he and his wife enjoy live arts, dogs, dining and sailing.

Skills You Will Learn

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  • Communicate Compelling Benefits

  • Co-opt Potential Adversaries

  • Define the Real Objectives

  • Get Colleagues to Collaborate

What They're Saying

Former Federal executive

Emory M.

Full of proven recipes for management success ... more than a set of processes - it's the delivery of mission results

VP, non-profit association

Lynn P.

Provides the recipe for changing the culture and building skills in a way that seems gradual but swiftly achieves solid and lasting effects

Director, Telecom

Dade B.

Everything made so much sense and was easy to implement, allowing existing work to go on and deadlines to be met



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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I also realize that I have a 30-day money back guarantee which means I can get access to the entire online training, attend the group coaching calls and ask my questions from the support group. If I believe that I’m not getting the value that I expected, upon request within 30 days of this order I will get my money back. The only thing we will ask is some specific thoughts on why you feel that way so we can improve the course for others.

Bonus Material

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  • Best Selling Book

    Let It Simmer

    $34 value

    The book that started it all ... how to overcome resistance when introducing performance improvement initiatives. And free membership in the Simmer System Community.

  • Free Support Sessions

    Advanced Support

    $800 value

    Weekly live sessions with your instructor to go over how you're implementing what you're learning. Your consulting sessions are free for the duration of the course, and you can also sit in on any later course session, for as long as the course is offered to anyone.

  • Private Peer Group

    Catalysts Community

    Amazing Value!

    Don't let your colleagues find you on social media trying to work out how to get past their defenses. The Catalysts Community private group consists of current students and graduates of the Masterclass, where you can discuss how to make change work. Your course mentors will be there too. Basically, the course goes on forever!

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